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Blue Ridge Merchants services over 400 businesses across the state of NC. We are an Independent Sales office for a nation wide processor who has been processing payments for businesses for over 20 years. Locally we have been growing for the last 12 years and have helped several happy customers. The payment processing industry is a murky place where companies say one thing and are never there for the owner once they have switched to them for business. We believe in relationships. We believe in people. Small business is vital to the economy of this nation and we know businesses are important to their owners. Every owner we take care of is special to us and their business is like our own. Located in Nantahala NC we have steadily grown locally in Western NC down to the Piedmont and even to the coast where we have merchants who have been with us for over 6 years. We are dedicated to always ensuring what we say is what we do because in this line of work reputation is everything. We look forward to hearing from you and making sure you have the service you deserve for the price that is just right for you.