We offer low rate priced transparent payment processing for businesses across NC, SC, and Va and across the nation. We are a registered sales office for a nationwide processor that provides dedicated services to thousands of businesses across the nation. Backed by several FDIC insured banks we are secure and devoted to maintaining the highest quality in efficacy and efficiency. Our large support team ensures we are always there for all your needs and maintain a close relationship with all of our important customers. With Blue Ridge Merchants every customer is a VIP. No matter your need we have a solution that will meet it from traditional face to face brick and mortar businesses to high risk e commerce accounts. Blue Ridge Merchants is always there.

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Many merchants have business types that most banks shy away from due to the nature of the risks associated with them. We have been providing high risk payment processing for businesses who cannot get processing through traditional processing companies for over ten years. Our dedicated high risk team ensures processing for businesses who need it the most like CBD sales, collections, gambling and more. We offer the high risk sector payment processing solutions without the exorbitant fees usually associated with these and funding to your acct in as little as 24 hours.

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We offer a new program that is guaranteed to eliminate up to 90% of the fees you currently pay to process credit cards. With the cash discounting program, fees that have been paid by merchants in the past will now pass to the customer if they decide to use a credit card but debit and cash will not have a fee. The merchant pays the debit fee and network fees.


If you are looking for a way to accept payments without being under the thumb of the banking system. If you have been denied for credit card processing but still want to accept payments other than cash. We have the solution for you. With the Genie Gateway you have a direct peer to peer transaction route that is instantaneous and without the banking rules and regulations. Fully insured and sponsored by a member bank this system is what people need to process cards without worrying about funding issues, holds, chargebacks, fraud, or bank stringent guidelines.


We offer loan and cash advance options for businesses who need to access capital quickly. We are not hindered by the stringent rules of the banking system. Our sister company provides working capital to small and mid-sized businesses in the United States. It offers small business loan programs for business owners in a variety of industries, including traditional retail establishments, brand name chain restaurants, automotive repair, manufacturing, trucking, and professional service providers.

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For payment procesing, we offer hands on local support to our merchants when we are available and also are backed by a team that is available 24/7 ready to handle any issues that may arise. Our point of sale solutions each have their own dedicated customer and tech support.