North Carolina, USA

This position will be an outside sales position that is a commission only independent contractor position. You will market our company's services and products to business owners showing value and confidence to fulfill obligations required as their payment processor..

Candidate must have a desire to succeed and a willingness to learn. Communication and organization skills are a definite plus for success. Must dress business casual and have a drivers license. A background check will be performed for all potential agents who work for our company. 
The bonus structure is generous and meant to keep your business moving as you build a residual income from the portfolio of businesses that you have helped transition to our company. Pay is based on several variables like total productivity and the amount of profit generated from the account. There are several ways to be paid from the original account acquisition to extra services and products sold as part of the deal. Residual income
Upfront activation bonus
Account profit multiplication bonus
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Market our company's products and services. 
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